Grassroots webmaster a wonderful article a week 9 8 9 14

Grassroots webmaster a wonderful article a week 9 8 9 14

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reporter: the new generation of the Internet to sell sweet potatoes when farmers entrepreneurial mind

"my hometown is full of sunshine, it is also rich in poverty." Whenever I hear these words, I feel my insignificance. To a friend, I hope to have your Sweet Potato Congee ~

eight years old old net station experience: lonely dancer

, I was born in 1984 in Guangdong, Huazhou, a small mountain village, has nine years of age. In 1999, began to contact with the network, began to linger in the big Internet cafe, indulge in the chat room; 2000 began making personal homepage, first personal homepage free thinking, a website about Guo Jingming; December 2003, under the pressure of college entrance examination in 3.51 beginning of the true meaning of the power station; 2005 users in cocoa under the support of two people began to "co founded adorable students information port", the same year the station was sold for 1500 yuan; in December 12th of the same year, Xing Feng founded the model China, I began my life as a personal webmaster, then get out of hand……

do stand three years of revenue of the experience of the webmaster summary

strictly speaking, I wasn’t a webmaster, I have been to stationmaster itself. Whenever someone asked me about my career, I said I was a webmaster, attracted a lot of friends envy. Also attracted a lot of admiration MM. In fact, do a good job.

an annual salary of 100 thousand owners of the entrepreneurial process

"as long as perseverance, perseverance will prevail" for three years, to this day, I had worked for three years. One thousand days away from me, my life finally opened a brilliant page! Today, I can finally be proud to announce: I am a monthly salary of ten thousand business owners! Not to show off, not for the applause, just to commemorate my three years of bitterness! "I have no knowledge. But I still want to change the fate of

6 years road of the site didn’t make a station to

02 years of the initial contact with the computer, I was the little city in Internet cafes are not many, the machine is not good, the Internet is also expensive. When it is started with the students in the past, look at others, I don’t know QQ chat, read more, think chat feeling pretty good, so I apply a QQ number to play. Just started playing quite a dish, open a web page does not stop at the link, never close the window, so often engage in a crash. After adding QQ, a Zhejiang MM, talk very speculative, then exchange the address to write to each other. From the beginning to the present, the past 6 years, has been linked with.

example: IP over 700 thousand of the viral marketing case analysis

Mid Autumn Festival is approaching, before writing this case analysis, I wish you all a Happy Mid Autumn Festival, willing to love you more love you, you love the people know you better". Today will be analyzed in this case, with the mid autumn >

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