The first easy to drink cup the original owners of soft Wen Zhi contest officially opened

The first easy to drink cup the original owners of soft Wen Zhi contest officially opened

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2009 for many webmaster is a net thing yesterday cannot bear to think of the past have many webmaster, have experienced Baidu K station in this year, the record was canceled and IDC’s space is sealed off the stage. And several months of experience in the network during the crackdown, many webmaster because of unbearable blow pressure have fallen. But please don’t hesitate, brethren, we are now the winter is gone, the survival of local grassroots in place will have sunshine. In order to extend our dreams, we should learn the grassroot Antz spirit of constantly challenging, believe that the little guy could hero!

now, in order to join the new Adsense network business support, confidence and encouragement of the grassroots survival old, easy network by network owners hand held the first "original soft Wen Zhi" campaign.

of the contest for the time period of one month (April 17, 2010 – May 17, 2010), in one for all, all for my spirit, stationmaster net will also give the competition promotion space roots are the largest and most promotional opportunities


essay Objective: to support new grassroots entrepreneurial dreams, hope the old flame of the grassroots


essay slogan: webmaster service users, web service station. Let AD come more violent!

essay rules:

, an essay must be original and first, pseudo original are invalid.

two, all papers must be marked "original essay" in front of the title, and in the form of voting posts in stationmaster net activities | party | public area. (see the demo below)

three, participate in essay of not less than 600 words per article.

four, you can play the contents of rice experience, the course of your website, your Wangzhuan experience, and SEO tutorial skills etc..

five, soft Wen to be attractive and persuasive, can be inserted in the appropriate position links or pictures, but to be natural.

six, the soft AD can not escape, but in the front or rear plus the source is feasible.

, the seven essay submission deadline to May 17th 24:00, the deadline will not be accepted.

eight, soft, but was selected, the use of the right to modify the network (ZZW.CN) for all. Members may not have objections.

nine, the webmaster original soft Wen Chi, the final interpretation of the activities of the network.

selection method:

first stage: according to the status of the members of the forum voted out of the top ten, the number of votes only for reference.

second stage: the establishment of voting mechanism, the forum moderator VIP, vote for the top five.

third phase: the judges from wheat, Zhu Hongjian, as well as mystery guests to discuss the top three.


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