P address and domain name for the new domain name suffix extension of all sorts of strange things

P address and domain name for the new domain name suffix extension of all sorts of strange things

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internet name and number distribution company 13, about 2000 new applications for the domain name suffix, which shows both commercial competition, but also the performance of cultural ideas, and even funny and absurd.

internet name and number distribution company (ICANN) headquartered in the United States, is responsible for the global Internet IP address allocation and domain name allocation. This year, is an extension of the IP address and domain name, the original IPv4 protocol based on the IP address will be transformed into the IPv6 protocol; the original single.Com domain name to the personalized development.

Internet from 1985 to start using the.Com suffix, since then, ICANN has also opened the National English abbreviation for the standard suffix code, but even so, the domain name is still tense.

ICANN13 held a press conference in London, announced that the application is being accepted 1930 domain names, that this is a manifestation of the accelerated development of the internet. ICANN said in a statement, now nearly 2 billion of the world’s Internet users, half of them in Asia, opening up a new domain name is essential.

in 1930 applications open, 6 applications of the same name is.Baby (baby), 4 applications are.Pizza (.Pizza cake), 9 Applications of the.Blog (blog), 66 is to place the suffix application, such as.Miami (Miami),.Paris (Paris) also, there are some applicants for.Law (Law),.Bank (bank).Doctor (Doctor) or.Sex (sex),.Porn (PORN).Adult (adult) and.Xxx (x-rated film).

in addition, some large companies and enterprises had been submitted for the domain name suffix and a trademark of the same name, such as.IBM (micro-blog) (IBM),.Apple (Apple Corp),.Sony (Sony Corp); Microsoft (micro-blog) to apply for registration of ".Hotmail", ".Skype" etc.. Google, Amazon (micro-blog) and other companies also apply for the registration of a more general domain name, such as Google in addition to the application with their mobile operating system related to.Android, but also to apply for.Lol,.Vip and other content.

internet name and number distribution company from 13 to start for a period of 60 days, on the application of these new domain names and their views. The company said its review committee will consider the views of the parties.

this application from more than and 60 countries and regions around the world. Applicants to pay $185 thousand per domain application fee. After the success of the bid, it will cost at least $25 thousand a year. The first batch of new top-level domain names will be put into use in the first quarter of 2013.

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