The introduction of the supreme law of the nternet infringement judicial interpretation of human fl

The introduction of the supreme law of the nternet infringement judicial interpretation of human fl

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privacy is protected by law. Xinhua News Agency figure

in October 10th since the implementation of the "on the trial against the legal issues applicable to a number of civil disputes over human rights with network regulations", made clear the use of fault and the identification of the degree of self information media reproduced network problems. The introduction of this judicial interpretation, not only for the courts at all levels to provide a more clear application of the rules, but also to protect the rights of citizens with a certain degree of innovation.

network space is not outside the law. In today’s increasingly developed network, judicial interpretation makes the rules of cyberspace more clear, set up the boundaries of speech, but also make it easy to protect the rights of vulnerable situation has been changed.

– reporter Chen Qiongke

human flesh search can not go beyond the bottom line


judicial interpretation of the provisions of article twelfth, Internet users or network service providers using the Internet to open natural genetic information, medical records, health examination records, criminal records, home address, private activities, personal privacy and other personal information, causing damage to others, the infringee demands the tort liability, the people’s court shall support.


September 30th, a netizen in a forum post released two photos, "said a vice president of the school and the women’s car". The net posts triggered netizens attention, all kinds of information of the parties have also been put on the Internet, all kinds of speculation and abuse continue. However, a few days later, the local commission for Discipline Inspection, said the net posts in the two people of the relationship between husband and wife, there is no moral problem, has been criticized for education.

if some thing can rectify, while a young boy’s life by "human flesh search" fall is irreparable tragedy. Last December 3rd, 8 pm, Guangdong Lufeng 18 year old girl Kiki jumped into the river, over the life of the young. Die with Kiki of human flesh search ". It was in December 2nd to the East China Sea town of the city of a clothing store shopping, but before long, surveillance video screenshot is Kiki shopping shop owner Cai posted on the Internet, and with the text says a screenshot of the girl is a thief, request users exposed their personal privacy. Soon, Kiki’s personal information, including name, school, home address and personal photos have been exposed. At the same time, the network also criticized the abuse of voice of kiki. She was walking in the school is often overwhelmed by pointing, she chose to plunge over the life of the young.


"human flesh search", everyone involved in the search, information disclosure, to be "human" brannigan. Of the participants, mining information when Holmes and collective voyeuristic process is very exciting, once the loss of reason ", the parties of all kinds of privacy information human" is often ruthlessly exposed to the public, and even bring family and friends. This double-edged sword can find "Uncle", "sister house" >

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