Declaration on the handling of illegal customers

Declaration on the handling of illegal customers

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      in August 28, 2007, due to the small number of illegal customers after repeated warnings still appear illegal information, resulting in Shantou Telecom whole room closed, affecting nearly 160 thousand innocent sites off the net for nearly a week, our spirit to help customers recover network in the shortest time principle, timely transfer of innocent client server and recovery.

      September 5, 2007, 828 server disconnection events all affected not illegal innocent customers all opened, the incident, although the Lanmang with the owners and clients, suffered heavy losses, but the spirit of responsible attitude, to all our innocent customers made corresponding compensation and gift clause also, the customer understands and supports.

      to prevent the further spread of illegal information, in order to make our customers have a truly healthy and stable network environment, our approach to illegal site server users are as follows: the webmaster must sign an undertaking to ensure the server is no longer illegal information, but also caused enough attention to make illegal site server users, our regulations require customers to pay 5000 yuan, the cost is only as the opening machine continues to gain access to services margin, to ensure there is no illegal information in the access period, after the expiration of the contract, return this sum to the customer, meet the above conditions, our party to launch the server. If you can not make the above commitments and guarantees customers, you can choose to remove the server.

      however, some illegal customers using our approach in 5000 yuan deposit this one, avoid the illegal content on its website, point to cover, slander me, blackmail and impose exactions on to all customers, are completely against malicious speculation, damage and distortion of our company brand and reputation on the Internet, malicious publication does not accord with the fact of background posts, soft, in order to transfer and intensify contradictions. On the part of the illegal website, webmaster and not on the above message to verify the release and spread and reproduced in the media and websites, we will retain the legal responsibility of power further prosecution.

      our company will intensify efforts to fully cooperate with the supervisor, communication management department investigation work, open up more blue pure sky to make efforts to Chinese internet.


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