What is the logic behind the evolution of the evolution of institutional accounts on the line

What is the logic behind the evolution of the evolution of institutional accounts on the line

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after continuous evolution, know almost the product form is gradually moving towards maturity, with the knowledge of the agency account stationed, this huge knowledge community has been further improved. In the past almost always been aware of the original product logic within the framework of the exposure of the highlights, and the presence of Institutional Accounts and other users are more likely to play in the framework, to lay the foundation for the subsequent product evolution.


in the past four months, almost in the form of product evolution seems to be on the fast track. This is the past that never knew the steady performance. Over the past four months, I know that almost all of the products have evolved in the form of the three, each time evolution is to make their imagination and playability stronger.

April 1st, known in the April Fool’s Day launched on the value function, advocate pay reading; May, known then launched a real-time Q plate known Live, followed by the live tide of knowledge economy, continue to improve the layout; in July 20th, known to almost launch institutions account for government agencies, media, enterprises and organizations assigned to them I hope, know almost perfect community ecological layout in this way to continue.

, in particular, introduced the agency account in July 20th, which seems to represent a way of thinking about solving existing problems. It also provides a feasible way for the knowledge community to further improve the user system.

stationed know almost the first day, institutional accounts are doing what

carefully observe the ten accounts will just settled in that there is Audi, Mini, SIEMENS, Airbnb, Chinese Chinese drops travel, such enterprise users of this Disney inside, and the first Economy & Finance Weekly, China science Expo (CAS), Lens media users, even users comments that beauty group technical team enterprise.

in accordance with the knowledge of the official explanation, knowing that the rights and interests of institutional accounts are mainly four points:

answers: by issuing a "response" in the community question, the agency account can make an official answer to the problem of public concern. The organization of the account and other answers to answer the same set of sorting and display mechanism.

article: through the publication of the article, the agency account can take the initiative to publish official information. The total number of institutions account monthly issued a ceiling, not more than 30 articles per month during the beta.

question: through the release of institutional questions, institutional accounts can be called to participate in almost all users involved in the discussion. The total number of institutions account monthly questions during the beta limit, no more than 10 per month.

review management: an institutional account can manage comments under its release, and there are three comments that can be set up: open comments, close comments, and review comments.

interesting is that these ten accounts in the first collective appearance, each with characteristics. Disney answered the question of how the princess’s image was created by Disney on the day of the opening of the institution

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