Analysis of the QQ group virus promotion practices

Analysis of the QQ group virus promotion practices

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QQ group promotion website is one of the ways to promote our website or product, often see some friends in the group AD. But we do not know is how to think, I believe that eighty percent people don’t pay attention to it, especially in the chat, brush up a screen AD, most people will close, is the practice of such antipathy, the effect is certainly faint.

today recorded some viral promotion methods, and some common examples, and how in QQ group advertising.

for the first virus type promotion examples. (this article is shared by

1, today is the boss of a certain Tencent birthday, send the four groups have 100QB, sun, and so on, the original article is more vivid, here do not write. I believe you have not seen less;

Ps: it is to use people’s curiosity, greed, will really have? The sun will really


2, "a poor picture, I can not find a certain, kind-hearted people forward, help me find, QQ… ..TEL… "

Ps: use people’s compassion, according to the analysis of the real possibility of a small

3,"……… The mother can longevity "

Ps: I hate this kind of information, it is the use of people’s conscience

a lot, why this information can be a long time not oblivion always spread in the QQ group to turn? Such effect is great, there are 2 elements to success, is a deep two hidden is to seize the psychological.

so we should learn from the study, but the means to be appropriate, misuse of example 3, otherwise the effect will be greatly discounted;

we can do this:

a simple creative picture (photo with the site theme, with your web site, is already send the fifth group of words), write "I heard 6 group can get Adsense gift, this is what the website, this picture is quite strange really can send the statistics."

some of them are killed and will not believe, but some people want to try not to die. This will gradually spread, because we seize the above several key points of success. Do you think this way can be compared to the traditional way to arouse the interest of the group of people and attention to the specific content of our products can be based on their own and promote the subject of flexibility, this is just an idea.

there is also a way to write a file name a little longer, a little bit of temptation TXT title, the content is your soft text or web site, bulk upload to the relevant industry groups to share.

Ps: This is why there are so many AD group sharing reasons, careful observation you will gain more. (cause 1>

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