A successful copy millet fans marketing case of grass root

A successful copy millet fans marketing case of grass root

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recently, the most idiotic fans economy is the case of Du Haitao Kneeling Incident, right Zhilong fans of Du Haitao, not only excited incoherently, pleading with the idol photo, the prize is down on one knee, is sweating right Zhilong Du Haitao wipe sweat. Both fans are staged not surprisingly, offensive and defensive war, fans economy is idiotic economy, idiotic economy is the entertainment economy.

in the camp of the new president of minimally invasive, many students ask the most is how to replicate millet fans marketing. Recently saw a grass root case: bomb Erguotou. Clearly said to learn millet marketing fans, not to say like, it is very down to earth.

1, engage in activities. In vino Veritas! Let everyone share their experience once in vino veritas. This topic is very good, each people who drink regularly, must have this kind of experience is very consistent with the characteristics of this group, but it is expected, the truth, must be a person in my heart for a long time. Now, after many years, I think that the story can not with thousands of


2, social recruitment. They are on the first of all social platforms, a wide range of activities announced, micro-blog, post bar, community, watercress, WeChat…… All can think of, there is a place where the city activities are released. But from the results, the most obvious effect of micro-blog and watercress.

3, participation. On site activities there is a part of drum drum bomb, stopped in the hand, or a fried (drink a bottle), or a performance, a fan performed a very professional magic, a good site, why this is why watercress such place is the best recruit fans where they have little talent. And see who bombed the site pinjiu, atmosphere is very rich.

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source: Author: Feng Huakui

with the electricity supplier

have you heard a lot of fans of millet marketing analysis, but you really have seen an enterprise successfully copied too? No? Because you don’t know the details, do not know how to proceed, but I know!!!!

This is not

, yesterday saw "sales and marketing" a former colleague of Ding classmates, she helped the bomb Erguotou do a powder engineering in two weeks, the techniques of Gaoming, site and the effect of sensational success, I was shocked that’s still a guy. I will not be as stingy as Lei Jun, refused to disclose details of the actual combat, I would like to restore the entire case of the process, methods and details!

do you know the fan marketing?

a lot of people say that the traditional business is not suitable for fans marketing. Who said, that is you will not.

Erguotou bomb is the traditional wine enterprises, the boss is very admire millet fans marketing, but yearn for, like most obsessed fans of millet >

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