Webmaster how to promote the industry website

Webmaster how to promote the industry website

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to promote the industry website, for example, I am so bad promotion staff, it is a bit difficult, first, can not find the target customers, two is not necessarily increase the amount of visits. Take the example of this site: China petroleum tool network, Chinese petroleum tool net is to provide a free release of information products | buy products network platform for businesses and individuals! We can think this website audience less. How much oil companies? Petroleum tool manufacturers have? Is the fierce competition! Face of such difficulties, how should I do?

just began to take over the site, feel very blind, in the Baidu registered on several accounts, also registered a number of blogs, forums, and web services and a little editor sent to Baidu Post Bar, know, blog, forum, of course, do not forget to take link, after a few days, Baidu account was closed, the forum was banned, I found, how could this be? A5 for advice, they provide advice is worth thinking, such as keyword positioning, website


pick up information, ask for tips, reposition, restart.

one: in the post bar, know when to speak, not crazy with links, but there is a direction to edit the material issued. (for example: Chinese Petroleum Tool Network offers a free release of information products | buy products network platform for supply; * *, * *, of course, these are the true information website member of supply and demand information to visitors) this is generally the potential customers.

two: go to find some relevant industry issues (such as oil tools, etc.) to answer;

three: and industry Web site to do friends, of course, pr> =3 industry chain; (not only to PR high, but also its own included, ranking high. Because our website pr=4, the world ranking has entered the 500 thousand place.

four: some oil forum, registered account, on the high traffic forum links, some knowledge of the post, in order to increase the chain; and some forum established the answer type, can the related the answer. Change your signature to your site’s name and address.

five: blog, blog name can be the name of your site. The blog must do a good job in the chain, blog content must be fresh, readable. You can also add the appropriate link to the blog keywords; upload some pictures to the album. For example: I upload the pictures on our website tools, with instructions. Like the end of the blog, which is very detailed classification, after the completion of the blog, you can publish this article to the relevant sections of the forum Tianya, the amount will not be low. In terms of personal feelings: Sina, blog bus, Sohu is a good site, and Google included quickly.

six: write soft. The high demand for extension personnel, as the name suggests, is soft, soft, let a person sincerely convinced. Rather than blindly advertise. And keyword density should be grasped

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