Yang Fuhai talk about how to do a good job from the point of view of girlfriends

Yang Fuhai talk about how to do a good job from the point of view of girlfriends

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today to see the teacher Li Kunjiang "SEO and search engine is in love," the article, feel very interesting, we can also have a look at the time. But when it comes to the site, everyone will register a domain name, buy a space, upload a program, the website is done. However, do a good job site, it is not everyone can master. Today, we talk about how to do a good job from the point of view of girlfriends. I believe that if you talk about a good girlfriend, the site should also not bad to go. So how to do it?

the first step, to attract the opposite sex from the appearance.

if you have a date, you should know how to dress up in appearance. A person who likes to have a first impression of you is definitely not your knowledge, but your image and manner. First impressions are important. So you have to behave differently, have affinity. So she can see you. Of course, it’s just the first step. People would like to contact you, it also depends on the back. The same site, your site and other people’s different? Or like Sina "portal"? Your site have their own characteristics? Or very old-fashioned popular? Your website can let her continue to contact with you down in the first impression of you? May wish to reflect on. The first step is in place.

second step, the performance must have the connotation and the tutelage.

has the experience of love comrades know, just to attract the opposite sex is not long. So this time it is necessary to show the connotation and accomplishment, to let her feel with you is very interesting, very humorous, no trouble, relaxed and comfortable. So our site also don’t put a pair of superior faces. If she thinks it’s boring to be with you, your first and second are in vain.

third step, to let the other side have a sense of security.

a lot of women looking for a boyfriend, is very important to this point. Now, although the status of women has increased, but the family is still the backbone of our men. Depending on the appearance and connotation of communication that will always stay in the "male and female friends," this stage, and this stage we all know, no matter what to do, we will always be the pockets of men. If you want her to pay something, you must get the trust of him, and the only way to get her trust is just one: let her feel you are safe. The same is true of the site, if you want to let our users pay something, the first step you have to let him have a sense of security for your site.

the fourth step, to the heart of caring girlfriend.

woman flower like water, it would be easy to hurt, especially she trust you, and pay a lot of time for you. You must pay more attention to your girlfriend, learning setbacks, a few words of comfort and encouragement. The work is not satisfactory, to chat with her. Can often be angry for no reason or

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