Wu Feng a detailed analysis of the popularity of popular blog to promote the secret

Wu Feng a detailed analysis of the popularity of popular blog to promote the secret

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guide language: I always love "Lu Yu" "Kangxi to the" two program "Lu Yu" is a program for people with special experience, to witness history, thinking of life, against life experience and spiritual secrets, create a new record of the conversation. Show more literary and intellectual road walk, love Lu Yu with sincere eyes listening VIP said his experience, from himself can understand the true meaning of life; "Kangxi" is a popular entertainment in Taiwan, sponsored by the integrated transit station, the program invited the Taiwan star came to the show, during the interview that one side of the unknown artist, nonsense, versatile small partner Kevin Tsai knowledgeable, interspersed with comedy elements, understanding in the intellectual and rational dialogue, the story behind the stars.

two different styles of the program, the program has never been directly say the truth of the two, but in the end is a three-dimensional understanding of the story through the stars, to share different lives. I often on the Internet and network promotion friend exchanges, the exchange process from them imperceptibly learn a lot of things, found that many of my friends are very willing to share their experiences and personal experience, so Wu Feng thought, and through the network promotion friends, their network promotion experience written up. Let more friends to share and improve together, of course, these have to ask friends agree to release the exchange.

          today is a friend to share Chengdu student Li Xuepeng, met Li Xuepeng in 2010, he was pushing 5 network marketing training class, now in a Chengdu Internet Co web site operators do not age, about 25 years old, do program development. SEO is a master, the more valuable is Xuepeng individual executive power is very strong, it is worth learning friends, last year’s national day two we met in Chengdu, and he played an afternoon, dinner time he also insisted to pay money, is a very real and willing to share the boy. Today to share with you how he is to promote his personal blog, but also feel his execution.

develop habits regularly send Bowen

he goes to work every morning the first thing is to Bowen, Bowen time is between 9 points to 10 points, of course, is not the original article every day, most of the cases are reproduced in the article, we know that the article is easy to search engine grab included, the search engine is a mode of thinking, as long as you keep normal custom search engine will also keep the habit to grab designated on your web site, so the habit hair Bowen is very important. This I need to learn and friends to learn, never thought of this before, so his blog blog included limited.

every 3, 4 days to write a original, the original intentions of the need to write, the number needed to maintain, but the quality is more important, before trying to write popular articles please refer to an article written by Wu Feng "Wu Feng:" the clever creation network promotion boutique. Finish inspection

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