One year to complete the vision of how the three rounds of financing in the same way how to use the

One year to complete the vision of how the three rounds of financing in the same way how to use the

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recently, with the marking easy and code school two online education platform in Shenzhen with the same way announced that the completion of the A round of financing of $50 million. This round of financing led by You Li Qingyuan, Bo Huiyuan and Venus education group together with the vote. This is the vision of the same process in the past year, the completion of the third round of financing.

difficult and problematic online education, is away from the hottest period. I think this is the key question is whether the product has to meet the real needs of users." Ma Ruixuan said that this is his two venture, so in terms of positioning and meet the needs of the user will be considered in particular.

Ma Ruixuan will focus on the rapid growth of the same path is mainly due to the ability to more accurately meet the needs of users. "To the demand of education, we must first consider the main line of the study." Ma Ruixuan said, "for the students in the classroom learning is certainly the most important content, then the supplementary content assigned by the teacher learning, have to provide tutoring training institutions in the market."

based on this consideration, Ma Ruixuan chose to cut is the core of the teaching field, the main cooperation with the school, the positioning of the target population is the junior high school students. The Internet wants to make the national education market is very difficult, and a distinctive feature of the test is regional, which there may be opportunities." Ma Ruixuan’s strategy of cutting into the regional sex education market includes two aspects: the tool and the content:


tool level, with the way the vision offers two main platforms, including: "marking is easy", mainly in the line of junior high school teachers, providing intelligent test paper, and pass exam marking, assignment, statistical analysis and other services; the "school code", App is matched with the "reading" the junior middle school students with client, practice, operation and diagnosis report characteristicgrade Intelligent City, the wrong title of this elite volume, exercises and other functions.


The main function of the

two platform is for teachers to reduce the teaching burden and collect data for teaching reference; to provide the normal examination and practice, through the whole process of the academic evaluation system for parents and students, meet the students practical ability of personalized learning program.

the source of these platforms, which is the main path to expand the regional market Ma Ruixuan. We are mainly looking for local publishers, they have educational content resources, but also the local junior high school resources." A vision of the same way as the press value-added services, Ma Ruixuan said, "just carrying traditional teaching content, learning effect, learning process data recording and so can not get feedback."

vision with the process of publishing is to provide personalized data services to help them achieve big data + service + Internet transformation and upgrading. In accordance with this idea, in January of this year, with the vision of the way in Beijing initiated the establishment of China’s education books networking industry alliance". Ma Ruixuan said

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