# Oscar # an occasion to marketing Li brother was playing bad

# Oscar # an occasion to marketing Li brother was playing bad

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eighty-eighth Oscar award at the Dolby theatre in Hollywood, Leonardo with "wild Hunter" won the best actor Oscar! As of today has been 5 days, as an operator, from his point of view, to see the Oscar marketing occasion! It is the effect of bang bang, however the domestic marketing occasion the copy for the gods, also sent a nice assist, you see Mike brother have been playing bad



below is a discussion on the award of Xiao Li, today’s cut (2 million 136 thousand, my God!!!)


must pay close attention to taking advantage of the marketing focus, here are some ideas and share with you:

quickly seize the hot spots, ready to fight. The world of martial arts but not fast breaking, marketing occasion to stress a word: quick! Quick! Quick! (an important thing to say three times). As the saying goes, An army marches on its stomach.! Must be prepared to meet with air before once it was detonated, immediately followed. The 2 copy – looking for a combination of explosion point and their products, grasp the opportunity, to take over, Oscar Oscar, the biggest attraction is Leonardo! So in the choice of material, the content of follow up, must not be divorced from God! Some write. For example, "Lee more exciting," Lee Ying "when" until finally Lee ", it is full of tricks!

3 a sentence: "the gentleman is not the same, but also in the good things"

Let’s look at the following

, the God of the brightest brilliant assists


was the first radio station I used to listen to: Himalaya radio


below is familiar with the 58 city, taste good!


for feelings, for the youth, spell the value of the Meizu phone


Zhaopin looking for the meeting point of good, this year is the year of the monkey! Interesting!

 One of the girls love shopping APP

is clearly to the street and vip.com! Oh! The starting point is different, but they are quite touching (for girls, very suction eye)



often drink tea, Wang Laoji, Le wrong wrong, jiaduobao!


even we usually would not think of SPDB credit card also laicourenao. (hee hee)


he had never heard of the Thai flute washing (please forgive my face lit up with wood with very limited knowledge and scanty information) with


360 antivirus software

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