Welcome the National Day guess earnings send cash blog series

Welcome the National Day guess earnings send cash blog series

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statement: participate in the activities of the way and modify the qualification of right is the station. The king did not participate in the activities of the map planning.

blog large series activity address

date: from now until September 30, 2007, the post time at this station message subject activities.

lottery date: October 4, 2007.


welcome any business sponsorship for the event.

1. before you participate in the event, you must have at least one blog. Whether you use Sohu, Sina, Baidu, NetEase or Blogger and other service providers to provide free services, or the use of an independent domain name, set up their own independent blog, you can participate in.

2. your blog at least two weeks or more, with original content, and there are more than 5 articles (avoid to participate in this event and the rapid establishment of a blog).

3. your blog does not contain pornography and other content, does not violate the relevant laws and regulations.

4. blog to participate in the unit, if you have several blogs, each blog can participate.


1. has posted an article on your blog, referring to the "blog can also make money" six words and links to "http://s.www.baoway.cn" at the same time, to include a link to the active page.

2. you can also recommend friends at the end of the article to participate in the activities (recommended participation!

)After the

3. is written, leave a message behind the event page

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