How to use the least money to get the most users

How to use the least money to get the most users

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has some confusion, quiet a few days, the state also improved; return to the company the first day of the week on Tong Wang School of business online sharing stroked share out, with all my friends will know my next sentence is "because the share value is too large". I write things are generally worth writing to write, do not like, no value or no fun to write, a waste of time.

is specially invited guests to share the last week came to a mysterious figure and brother Dang Weiping dry cargo, although in the king will be met, but he was the first to us through the king business school; no way ah, this is the charm, ha ha.

the guests have many cattle: Le QQ space 20 million fans, marketing 2 million QQ users, WeChat personal friends 150 thousand. This is the last year of data, many specific data and many details are confidential, the reason can not explain, I also try not to Slide Show and details, understand it! The share of dry cargo, combined with my own understanding and knowledge integration are as follows, the results will be not what you want:

how to use the least money to get the most users?" ?

with the actual argument: only a huge change in the market or competitors did not cut into the market when you can get a large amount of low-cost low-cost users". In the market either technology breakthrough, or some skills of absolute inner ring, most of the time that could not obtain external mass with extremely low cost of users, all in accordance with the normal routine to do.

such as: Blue Ocean stage, Taobao era, blog era, the era of micro-blog, WeChat era, since the media era, etc., every time the chaos of the city will emerge a large number of opportunities to get users. Absolute dividend period!

actual information: this year the cost of access to the user is 5 to 10 times last year, next year will be this year’s 2 – 3 times

whether this is my share of the test, and now the average cost of access to the user is 5 – 10 times, no doubt, and even a lot of industry costs even more than this trend.

the reason we solved the problem in the past in the Internet era, ask Baidu, many website information display, you can choose, each big website can enrich the content, for a long tail word; understand the knowledge within the industry, the only giant website; information search news, watch some news station.

now? To solve the problem, a lot of demand but they are looking for, Baidu, Baidu and Baidu are basically experience know intercept, outside the site is not a market, less flow; knowledge of WeChat related public number on the line, and in order to retain customers, the quality is much higher than the traditional website, and more convenient information; information, there is a little information website, the circle of friends enough information!

What is the need for

‘s previous web site? It’s not a big deal! Maybe it’s a big brand, big platform. Industry Web site

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