Methods and techniques to promote the use of images shop

Methods and techniques to promote the use of images shop

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Many people say that

is more difficult than the online promotion website promotion, because the shop is not friendly to search engines, not suitable for the use of SEO promotion, and many websites, forums and QQ group like and dislike Taobao shop link, it also gives the promotion brings great difficulty. Shop promotion can not take the usual way to promote the site to set, for the shop to the contents of the image of the characteristics of the majority, the following talk about the use of pictures to promote the shop method.

one, the use of blog album


search engine image search using the more, in the search results, the first page will usually have "keyword + image search results" this result, whether Baidu or Google Sogou soso are like this. I observed over a period of time, a lot of keywords Baidu image search results, a large part of the results from Baidu and Sina and other NetEase space blog album, one of the largest in Baidu space, this gives us the use of picture to promote online provides great convenience. Believe it or do you shop promotion have several relatively high weight blog, if the traffic has been relatively high it will be better. 1, upload pictures, this is no technical content, as far as possible to choose a good network of time or place, the general album can bulk upload. 2, album name, album name using the keywords you sell the product, the name will appear in the picture page inside the title, will also be used as a search engine to determine the image of an important basis for content. 3, the picture description, this description is not alt, but the picture below a description of the text, the picture is also described as an important basis for the search engine to determine this picture, it is recommended that this description of the use of long tail keywords. I observed Baidu to determine the image not just rely on the ALT in the picture, there is a great extent will see page title, album name and pictures describe the important reason is that the title= "album name + picture description + the name of the blog". 4, image watermark, watermark can no doubt play the purpose of copyright protection and direct promotion, there is not much to say, we understand. 5, picture comments, comments can be used to write this blog account directly, do some pictures and detailed description (because of the description of the picture is used to set the key words). You can also use other accounts to comment on this picture, in order to play the purpose of instigation.

Two, with the


Baidu friendly album, Google is in the content of the picture more friendly, more inclined to judge the basis of alt, I believe the majority of open shop a lot of friends in the use of blog online promotion, blog pictures not only attract more readers, more repeat customers, but also directly to the search engine. This picture has a ALT property, but the ALT cannot edit, the default for the blog title, it is quite important in the keyword in the title, close to the picture of the text is also very important, also be such as the judgment basis. It should be noted that, when uploading pictures, the system will generally indicate whether to save to the album at the same time, it is recommended that the choice, of course, to be more than one step

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