People with high emotional intelligence are like this

People with high emotional intelligence are like this

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whether you are a copywriter, a housewife, or a company boss, learning to speak is a required course. Because talking, not only will make you feel happy to work, but also sell more products.

let’s take a look at how high emotional people are writing copywriting.


high EQ people write copywriting

will not go straight, but match up.

, for example, you are selling clothes, clothes only the last one.

"I’m sorry, this shirt is the last one."

says, the customer will think so. It is the rest of the people, there must be a lot of people try to cross.

and high EQ clerk, will change a statement.

"this shirt is very good, this is the last one."


statement is to match up, a new impression to customers. So popular, I also want to buy. The last one, do not buy No.

we want consumers to buy the product, this can not say directly, but try to figure out the consumer psychology, let them see what they want to see.

, for example, you are selling mask, online sales data is not very good.

"we are just starting to sell the store."

so that customers suddenly reduced the desire to buy. I thought, no new security, there are certainly a lot of problems.

and emotional high copy, will change a statement.

this is the latest research and development of new mask, just listed."

copy of this kind of people feel completely different. The latest research and development, the effect should be better. Just listed, there is still a sense of superiority.

write copy is not straight, but match up. Get the reader’s favor, so as to achieve their expectations.


high EQ people write copywriting

will not be given the option to issue orders left and right, but.

such as cleaning. Many people would say that when they want to help their families.

"to throw the rubbish away."

can be the result of it depends on the mood of the other side. The answer is likely to be "I’m tired" or "I’m watching tv". At this time, may wish to try the following statement.

"throw rubbish and clean the bathroom, which one do you choose?"

said so, the other party will choose one, and the average person will naturally choose a more relaxed throw garbage. In the same way, it’s the same with writing.

, for example, you are selling mask. You want consumers to buy, many people will say.


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