How to beat your competitors in the entrepreneurial world

How to beat your competitors in the entrepreneurial world

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lead: pay attention to rival financial information to win the war for talent + + + to understand the global information communication with customer + using social media".


we know that 90% startups will in the first three years of entrepreneurial die, entrepreneurs need to pay attention to their competitor trends, timely understanding of news and social media content, access to a variety of important data and make sure you stay fast, the poor "10%" inside.

in order to help entrepreneurs overcome competitors, the author introduces some useful methods, hoping to help you learn more about the industry, timely monitoring of the entrepreneurial world trends.

pay attention to competitors (financing / divestment) financial information

now in the micro-blog WeChat news updates very fast, so you want to understand the real-time competitor’s financial information is not too difficult, but if your competitors just is the industry leader, then the relevant information will certainly be more. So many times, is how you want to find useful information from the massive data.

, for example, if your competitors sales decline, but profits have risen, then you need to change their pricing mode is concerned? The other party to take this strategy will have an impact on product pricing of your own? Don’t drown in a pile of data overload, you must a clear need to monitor specific financial data, and how to make these data feedback to your company’s business strategy.

you can order the media industry information, such as download the venture capital App, which has 24 hours non-stop, involving IPO, investment and financing, technology gossip, executives and other real-time information.

win talent war


whether it is the circle of small start-up companies, or industry leader, you need to know what these companies recruit people, which people quit, why these people feel disappointed. If a company in a short period of time suddenly recruited three salespeople, they are in order to increase the sales force, or to replace some disgruntled employees?

have a macro view of

do not just look at your opponent, you need a more ambitious vision, understanding the global information. Significant events, political news, and public relations scandals, the information seems unrelated, but it is possible to produce a butterfly effect, affecting the bottom line of competitors. For example, at the beginning of this year’s general election, both parties acknowledge to ensure not to let their prices grow too fast, so this information for living in the real estate industry in startups by traditional enterprises, is essential. Understanding public sentiment, understanding why people are pessimistic or optimistic, is essential to predict future trends.


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