List of desires website reverse marketing war how to solve common mode

List of desires website reverse marketing war how to solve common mode

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in the list of desires on the website, the user through the description of the goods you want, you can get the appropriate merchandise coupons. List of desires reverse marketing mode actually in the United States had existed, but the use of this model in the Internet shopping website even in highly developed countries is also very difficult to survive, while the reverse marketing models have emerged in the United States for nearly 8 years, nor what the representative of the company, it is a lot of tragedy.

now, reverse marketing mode gradually became popular, although still reverse marketing, but reverse marketing website has started to develop smart many new models, and these new patterns of birth, is trying to solve two kinds of disease through reverse marketing mode inherent:

1 customer purchase demand is too scattered. User demand is too dispersed, it can not gather into the group to buy, reverse marketing website can not be profitable.

2 users can not meet the timeliness of the purchase. Because the customer purchase demand is too loose, it can not be timely docking with the goods provided by businesses, users can not quickly buy what they want, which is the root cause of reverse marketing user experience is poor.

in order to solve the common problem of reverse marketing model, now the reverse marketing website generally uses the following two modes:

1 through a strong social network, the rapid accumulation of users with the same shopping demands, to solve the problem of user needs scattered. Is more representative of Ringleadr in Ringleadr, any user can initiate a group purchase group purchase demand, and this demand through social networks quickly spread to other users, such as accumulated enough group purchase user, businesses can easily meet the needs of the group purchase.

2 guided by the classification mode, so that users with the same purchase requirements can quickly find their own needs. For example, users want to buy a bicycle, in reverse marketing classification guide website, the user can drive, then opening the non motor vehicle, then choose a bike, then I needed to bicycle needs detailed description. Although this model is a reverse marketing, but very good to segment the user needs together, so that businesses are more convenient and quickly meet the needs of users. Sobiz10 and other sites are representative of this model.

The essence of

reverse marketing is very clear, that is, to solve the problem of the purchase of customer appeal and purchase of these two issues. But the list of desires in the model, it seems that there is no serious thinking about how to solve these two problems, even if the user registered with a social account, it does not rely on social networks to gather similar needs of the user’s function. And directly to the user to describe their own needs of the goods, it is difficult to gather a large number of users with the same purchase requirements.

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