Webmaster experience QQ email marketing practical experience

Webmaster experience QQ email marketing practical experience

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first, I think we should understand, no matter what kind of promotion way, we have to understand your product’s unique selling point and potential customer pain points! So as to achieve an antidote against the disease, with


so do email marketing should pay attention to what? The speaker QQ email marketing. According to my friends and their own experience summed up:

first, the potential customer email address

do email promotion, you have to understand who you have to send the mail here to illustrate the point, not too much, but the quality must be guaranteed. What do you mean? Be sure to collect accurate email addresses. How to find these email addresses?

1 forum

posted in the forum by the welfare requirements, potential customers to leave e-mail address!

there is a way to collect peer posts in the potential customer e-mail address, in order to improve efficiency, we can use a number of web mail bulk collection tools.

2.QQ group

according to your product attributes to find potential customers gathered QQ group, and then all the members of the QQ group extracted.

there are some methods, such as: acquisition of competitors QQ space, pat shop customers, etc..

two, an effective way to send mail

is now on the market mass mailing software, can really get into the inbox of the few, most will enter the dustbin. I do not recommend you use mass software at present, whether it is free or not, it really is just passable, so I recommend using the manual way of mass.

with personal QQ mailbox mass


QQ mailbox only once sent ten letters, filled in the recipient will remind, and often use a login mailbox can send a lot of

I like

QQ mailbox one can send more than and 80 emails, this is according to your mailbox QQ activity to calculate, if you often use QQ email address, then send the amount you will slowly improve. If you do not open the QQ mailbox for a long time or do not often use, then you can not send too much.

Lee: no money, everyone has.

multiple disadvantages: there will be no notice, the lower right corner of QQ will popup reminders including mobile phone QQ voice reminder not only to see the computer, log in the mailbox.

Tencent free enterprise e-mail group

if you are using Tencent free enterprise e-mail sent, it will be more convenient. This is the first need of investment, Tencent to apply for free e-mail must have its own top-level domain, I am going to register the.Cn name for the domain to the Tencent enterprise mailbox, because only 10 yuan can be registered. Specific you can Baidu name domain name to understand!


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