On my views on micro marketing we welcome criticism

On my views on micro marketing we welcome criticism

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micro marketing, micro business recently a hot word, as if I do not know do not follow the micro marketing era. At the same time, how do we differ in micro marketing. But regardless of how, whether black or white cat is always a good cat to catch mice. But what exactly the essence or micro marketing intentions to make friends, but not just a variety of drainage. So micro marketing is also known as trust marketing. Today to write this text offer together to discuss. Welcome me.

talk about micro marketing will have to talk about the problem of drainage plus fans, which is now doing the most serious problem encountered by micro business. Here I pick 5 of the most commonly used methods:

1:QQ friends import: micro signal binding QQ number, and then QQ friends into the middle of WeChat. Tips: QQ space which can add a lot of QQ group friends and the system recommended people may know.

2: mobile address book import: empathy QQ friends import method. Tips: buy a lot of money to buy your precise customer phone number, and then import WeChat. (very cheap, 10 dollars can buy thousands according to your price to the number of screening Xu).

3: people around you: by opening the nearby people greet you or you take the initiative to greet each other to achieve the purpose of adding friends. Tips: take a long name nickname, can occupy the screen, more conspicuous. The use of virtual positioning software to locate the largest population of WeChat.

4: shake, drift bottles: shake and friends are basically some color flow, do not recommend here.

5: soft Wen promotion: a good soft Wen to put on the big platform, this is the fastest way to attract friends, and this way of adding a friend is the quality of the customer’s special high precision. Recommended platform: Alibaba, Tianya, Baidu, sina Post Bar mop.com,..

tips: no matter what way to add friends, our goal is to achieve the purpose of marketing through these friends, and ultimately the formation of transformation. This is what I said at the beginning of the essence of micro marketing is the intention to make friends

I summed up some of the above WeChat friends should pay attention to:

1 to be sincere: sincerity is the premise of making friends, although our purpose is marketing, but do not be too obvious, the first time to forget marketing, sell yourself out. When people recognize you, marketing is a natural thing.

2 marketing purposes should not be too obvious, do not rush to sell: a lot of micro business plus a friend asked a lot of you do not need to introduce their products how good, this is the worst salesman. This will give the customer a lot of psychological vigilance, the customer will think he added my friend is to let me pay. It The loss outweighs the gain. The right thing to do is to say hello to friends and not to sell your product. You have a circle of friends, people will know what you do. Slow for >

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