Achieving a deal is not as simple as it seems

Achieving a deal is not as simple as it seems

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how to marketing? Believe that everyone has their own set of implementation plan. But why our marketing benefit is not good of others, the expected results of marketing want to always reach? Why promotion more and more directly as advertising? The most essential reason is that we do not understand the essence of marketing, we still play probability.

friends on the Internet mostly from the webmaster, contact SEO. We play is the probability that the use of optimization techniques to make their site ranking in the search engine home page, click through the user to enter the formation of traffic, these flows will be part of the transaction will be converted into. There are some friends directly through the auction to get traffic, but the transformation into the click on auction is not ideal, the formation of the consultation is only 50%, less transaction reached. In such a situation, what should we do in this competitive environment?

Guardian just published a talk, by the way in the group under the publicity. What do you need to do to get a deal: choose a platform to communicate with the user – choose your target user – build trust relationships between users – to achieve marketing or trading – after sales tracking service. Where the platform is the basis of this tool, the trust is the core of this condition, the transaction is the purpose, after sales is sustainable development. In response to this problem, some peer friends and guardian Yuan Kun conducted exchanges in this arrangement with the exchange of written.

select communication platform. This is the first step. No matter what we want to do, there is always a display platform, this platform is a medium. Can be their own line of advertising, can be a forum, blog, micro-blog, QQ group, WeChat, etc., the platform is the foundation, we show the user tools.

communicate with users. What is the purpose of communicating with the user, is to establish the relationship between people. No one wants to believe a stranger. Then you can understand what the user is thinking. Understand the user’s attitude towards our products.

select your target user. Through communication we established a user relationship, to understand what the user is thinking, know their needs, this time the user can be classified: potential customers, target customers, precision customers. According to each group to do different communication, in their hearts to form a mindset, you need the product I have here.

establish trust relationships among users. Trust is the core of any time, there is no trust at all can’t do anything, not to mention that goal of trading their own? How to establish trust relationship between users, this is worth thinking, at least the brand is a starting point.

to achieve marketing or trading. It is because we have formed a relationship of trust that the subconscious mind will help us promote our products or services. When the user needs the product, the first thought is us. Because trust each other naturally formed a trust agent. The ultimate purpose of the transaction has been reached.

after-sale tracking service is sustainable development. Any product sold out, do you want to

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