Half of the country Wang Feng body became the brand marketing occasion how to play

Half of the country Wang Feng body became the brand marketing occasion how to play

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A few days ago

Wang Feng for refusing to Jay Chou fans take events finally won the headlines, but the event is not over, June 9th, Wang Feng studio official micro-blog issued "no, Wang Feng," the singer lost half that without Wang Feng, the music will be "the mainland, the mainland music will be too horrible to look at" lost half of the country, the article issued after then, attracted countless friends joked, "half of the country body quickly became popular, if not…… ,…… Will lose half of the country has become a classic sentence type, while the major brands do not miss this opportunity to network marketing occasion, copywriting have flashed……



if the wood has Qingyang, Chinese market will lose half of the country

men’s dandruff



don’t laugh without saying anything. If there is no small Shenyang, Soybean Milk machine altar will lose half of the country



weather through

no weather, weather will also sell adorable it lost half of the country



happy guest network public relations that hot events tend to have strong public concern and discussion, at this time if the enterprise understand by hot marketing can often achieve a multiplier effect, so how to do? Happy guest network public relations for you

keen grasp hot

hot events tend to have short, only in a certain period of time there is a high degree of concern, the enterprises must respond quickly after hot events, walk in the forefront of other brands, do not wait until the hot events in the heat had to keep up with, the marketing effect has been greatly reduced.

combined with brand characteristics

happy guest network public relations that: enterprises when doing the marketing occasion to pay attention to the hot events do clever fusion and brand characteristics, not the wind horse and not in the event also Minato, look at these successful occasion marketing case, are hot and brand combined with the features of prominent brand characteristics, and to have good ideas, can give consumers a sense of bright eyes, can see through your copy to Lenovo products, recognition of your brand strength.

uses the power of social media

we can see that many of the classic occasion marketing case is through micro-blog, WeChat and other platforms to ferment, then was in the state of viral transmission, the mobile Internet era, attention has shifted to the information platform for all kinds of social platforms, the share has gradually increased, it is necessary to establish a good business in the ordinary official micro-blog and WeChat maintenance. Gather user groups, to become disseminators of brand information.

music network public relations

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