Letter treasure was 73 million yuan A round of financing

Letter treasure was 73 million yuan A round of financing

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June 18th news, a small source of formal disclosure of technology, its products treasure in the letter in 2015 to get IDG and vip.com more than 73 million yuan A round of financing.

according to reports, the letter on the treasure line so far has reached nearly 300 million activated users, which includes the bottom of the more than 100 million mobile phone users implanted.

in the scene, the use of its own treasure analysis of natural language analysis technology, the traditional text messages for machine recognition, matching the various types of life services, to build the scene. In addition, the use of ROM and the underlying integration of the program, to better use the phone terminal data and information.

According to

small source technology co-founder Duan Xu, letter treasure basically covers the analysis of the domestic mainstream models, including Samsung, HUAWEI, EMUI, Meizu Flyme, and Ali YunOS 40 mobile phone manufacturers are multi partner Bao letter analysis. Analysis treasure also specifically for the user habits of different countries, the scene of the tentacles extended to a variety of other areas of information. At present, the treasure has been analyzed and a number of mobile phone manufacturers began to develop international products.

in addition to the transformation of intelligent messaging, the letter also extended to the operating system of the smart calendar, intelligent scenarios and other modules. It is reported that, including the operators, including major companies, are actively contact and analysis treasure, through the realization of the industrial upgrading of SMS business.

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