Content marketing how to tell a story that people can’t forget

Content marketing how to tell a story that people can’t forget

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content marketing is the essence of bragging force. Blowing their own cattle, kneeling to share. When you find someone else to vomit when your story, you have a deep sadness?

until four o’clock made out of the content, find that others do not buy it, this is actually very common tragedy. Why be so miserable? Your story is very simple, like a lump Xiang, is not qualified to waste everyone’s time.



sometimes stay up till four o’clock in the morning the story is in a complete mess it was? Very normal, a great director money to spend 35 years shot out of the movie, it may be bad. Not to spend time and energy to make painstaking efforts out of something that is good stuff, when your heart is as a shit don’t be sad, do not despair, to find the reasons.

so, what’s the reason for others to ignore your stupid story?

first of all, the biggest reason is that your story is different from others. Note that the appetite to do well is. Some of the stories making excellent work very well, but others still easily rejected. Because your story is not what people need. This scene, like a plate of Boston lobster placed in front of the people who are allergic to lobster, the thing is no good eggs.

if you want someone to have a good appetite, tell the story of your appetite. So, the first thing you need to do is to get to know your users and know their habits and preferences. Not installed upright in front of the user, can match up like my grandson.

some of the stories may stir fried chicken invincible brilliant, the user is ignored. A good story is not as good a story as it is.



to find out the taste, to check whether they have the elements of the story "straight to the heart". The story of people gifted with an extraordinary retentive memory have at least the following, leaving two elements: Jane, odd, and believe love things. Simple, accident, concrete, trust, emotion, story.

a simple: you burn a brain, I will egg pain

people can remember the story as easy as blowing off dust, must be a simple story. The simple story, is like this: when others tell you to listen to, all of a sudden, you speak to others to listen to the time, suddenly to others to understand. A simple story, not to let people think only to understand, but will not help but understand the aftertaste.


how to do it? The following two key points:

1, a small amount of information

is a story of a subject, not talking about a large pile of spray. For example, to express motherly love, do not

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