How to plan a micro blog marketing program

How to plan a micro blog marketing program

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micro-blog marketing is no longer unfamiliar, but you will be planning a micro-blog marketing program, especially in the enterprise, I believe you are or will face such difficulties in the future. Below I share with you, how do I do micro-blog marketing program, I hope to have a friend in need of help!

the following specific coverage of the program:

first, the promotion of the objectives of the

since it is to do a program, then you must have at least one goal, in the beginning of the description will be clear. This goal can not be the hole in space, if specific, can control and evaluate things or visual indicators, I believe that all the people in charge of the enterprise are not without real love to see pan, which is why to target specific reasons. The main goal is divided into three parts: first, the content of the editing method and the frequency of the release; secondly, increase the number of fans, quality; again, the content or activity of the forwarding, comments, etc..

two, implementation steps

(1) content editing and publishing

1, the content of the material collection (official news, trends, activities and other related presentations, text, original image / video, etc.)

2, text editor

3, picture art processing

4, @ fans (to inform them of the new content has been released)

5, release frequency (working hours every half an hour to send an original micro-blog, non working hours and holidays randomly sent)

6, the establishment of


# # topic topic)

7, link to the forum article (sometimes not enough to introduce a word of a certain event, the full text of the forum to guide the fans to get a thorough understanding of the forum, but also can cause the attention of’s official micro-blog)

8, instant reply interaction (will make them feel concerned, attention, effectively mobilize their enthusiasm for the interaction, to further promote the official micro-blog brand awareness)

(two) increase fans (attention)

execution time segment is expected to increase the number of fans (non zombie powder)

more than 800

in the first quarter

second quarter more than 1500

third quarter more than 2500

fourth quarter more than 4000

1, micro-blog (stars, celebrities leveraging grassroots, successful businessmen such as


1) @ they (when a new content is released)

2) comment on their micro-blog, participate in interactive

these opinion leaders have a huge micro-blog fan base, if there is a micro-blog to attract their attention and forward or comment, reply, etc.

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