To help you overcome the problem of low return on email marketing investment

To help you overcome the problem of low return on email marketing investment

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according to MarketingSherpa’s 2013 mail marketing benchmark report shows that the company received from the mail marketing ROI of 119%. This data shows that e-mail marketing for businesses and is really a low input high return marketing. Yesterday is to share the best stacking machine as an example of how to do the basic work of email marketing, email marketing is analyzed. Master the steps just do the most basic work, email marketing, email marketing to improve the real rate of return to betting is a higher level of things, need to study from the depths of email marketing, but also to join the amazing creative inspiration, create a creative and effective email marketing activities. This is the mail marketing workers do not need to break the problem.

1 to increase mail innovation, to create a happy

no matter what marketing needs to the user experience as the core, the e-mail marketing and create a happy combination of users, allowing users to use a brand of happiness, which is the highest experience to the user. I do not palletizer email marketing, selling products is our focus, but we have to user experience as the core. In the mail template construction, added some innovative things, let users imperceptibly become our fans only palletizing machine products.

2, email marketing, such as first love

according to the mail marketing service agencies, e-mail marketing through the search period, get to know, love, stable period of four periods. No matter what period of time, we have to email marketing, such as first love, this is the best time to maintain mutual affection, interest. Want to do a thing need passion. In the Internet, almost everyone has an e-mail address, no one has a QQ mailbox, which constitutes its unique eID. I do not palletisers e-mail marketing, have a treat like first love passion and different eID from the feelers to understand and interactive communication, then each other cannot do without. This is our way to retain users.

we only palletizer email marketing are very prominent in the design, creative designers, we create a lot of drift amount of mail template, allowing users to immerse them, become our loyal customers.

3, with the user to spread word of mouth

mail marketing can not only sell products, is a good way to do business card buckle. Mail recipient and we only palletisers and our real user interests do not exist. We send out the mail to spread our products on the formation of corporate reputation spread path. All we have to do is get the mail to spread. Only the message design attractive, the recipient will feel good to help us spread.

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