Salesforce to 700 million acquisition of marketing data startups Krux

Salesforce to 700 million acquisition of marketing data startups Krux

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according to foreign media reports, customer relationship management software service provider Salesforce agreed to $700 million acquisition of marketing data in San Francisco, creating a Krux, aims to strengthen its marketing data and analysis services. The $700 million in cash and stock in half.

Krux has been established for six years, mainly to provide marketing information and advertising information services. Prior to the Krux and Salesforce has established a cooperative relationship, common mining analysis of Internet data, in order to better understand the target customers.

Salesforce product department head Alex Dayon said, Krux will enhance the Salesforce function in the field of marketing cloud services AI.

Krux founder and CEO Tom Chavez said in an interview, Krux using AI technology, through the analysis of a large amount of information to help customers better target marketing and advertisers. Krux customers cover a wide range of applications, from ticketing website Ticketmaster to cosmetics brand L’OREAL, etc..

Salesforce annual conference of Dreamforce customers will be held this week in San Francisco. In June, Salesforce announced the acquisition of Demandware for $2 billion 800 million, the deal is the largest acquisition so far Salesforce. As industry competition intensifies, Salesforce also accelerated its pace of mergers and acquisitions in the industry.

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