Huang Xiangru founder of the international home network to talk about professional site planning

Huang Xiangru founder of the international home network to talk about professional site planning

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site planning is one of the key elements of the success of the success of the web site platform. We can see many real 90% in the leading position of the website platform features a site planning ideas clear and reasonable, friendly interface, strong function of website marketing; therefore, professional web site planning is one of the important conditions for the success of the website.

1 professional website planning talent

web site planning positioning determines the width and depth of thought, website customer determines the site planning and implementation of thinking form, web page program determines the excellent website planning thought performance, website marketing / sales again to verify the site planning level; if need to use the words and ideas, we must have marketing, sales, and solid technology, this kind of complex site planning personnel in order to truly promote the site planning towards specialization.

2 ergonomics thought

ergonomics, also known as ergonomics (Ergonomics), is a science of human technology, a science and technology and the coordination of science. That is how to make technology development around the people’s demand, regard people as the starting point of the product and environmental design, make its performance and colour to adapt to and satisfy human’s physiological and psychological needs, so as to make people work more safe, convenient and comfortable, work efficiency is higher. The research methods and means of evaluation involves psychology, physiology, medicine, anthropometry, aesthetics and engineering etc..

Every part of

ergonomics has infiltrated our lives such as drinking glasses, mouth wash toothpaste, the use of computer, ergonomics is optimized for product sales agent, then we plan from the perspective of professional website, more ergonomic to help us make the website platform easier to sell to target customers.

ergonomics will enable the site to get a qualitative improvement in the following areas:

Humanization: through the guidance of text language, graphic language, personality interaction, etc., so that the web site is more conducive to customer browsing, in order to attract and retain customers.

convenience: the site is easy to operate, easy to use, reasonable distribution of content, in line with customer behavior habits.

logic: the overall site planning process to meet the customer’s psychological, and based on the full analysis of the characteristics of the industry, establish internal site function logic conversion, so that customers enjoy access to the whole process.

scientific nature: website column planning, positioning with scientific nature, which not only fully represents the intent of the site, but also to fully mobilize the visitors continue to click to guide customers to buy products.

control: the site in the establishment of customer behavior rights control, must comply with the company’s business rules, according to different customer types to produce different permissions.

interactive: the establishment of asynchronous communication system (help center, message board, operating guide… Customer and website

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