On the promotion of web games

On the promotion of web games

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WEBGAME is different from the traditional online games, using the browser to play directly, eliminating the trouble of downloading, allowing players to experience the game faster.

talk about promotion, it is necessary to plan, marketing and the like. Traditional online games, are now engaged in pushing, sent directly to the Internet cafe publicity. With more money, more powerful people. On the Internet cafe, you should see the journey and the promotion of the giant, Shi Yuzhu’s success depends on this. Another game fun, promotion is not successful, it is hard to say. Garbage to promote the success of the game, the game will be successful, the example does not cite.

said WEBGAME’s strict regulations being, promotion. WEBGAME because of the convenience of the game, of course, do not promote the above trouble, ten minutes, it will decide whether a player to play the game. I see the way to promote Baidu keyword advertising, GOOGLE, contact the game guild in beer, according to legend, the website advertising and so forth. In fact, only need to develop a function to solve: the game’s own alliance, promotion, allowing players to promote players, give players a certain reward. The function of the big world, Chen Road, martial arts martial arts three football, 51wan’s games, mop.com cat game, and so on, there are several not famous is not for example. These games are now very successful in this way. It seems very simple promotion, people know it, but as a lot of WEBGAME promoters, do not know this feature, they do not study the opponent’s strategy. WEBGAME is a new game, many emerging companies are taking over the site, and most of these emerging people are doing technology development background, the game is not very good promotion. I hope in the game after the beta, the function is also developed. Station network www.22bo.com

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