Jingdong June counter attack mall business only fight at outrance

Jingdong June counter attack mall business only fight at outrance

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seems to be from the beginning of this year the fight between the business enterprise has not stopped, but also intensified progress. From the beginning of April, suning.com Gome, Dangdang first triggered a new round of electricity price war began, it has been two months, and the Jingdong after the mall silent for two months, and finally to force in June. The price war has continued for a long time that a short period of time the electricity supplier price war will not stop, commercial enterprises are holding a "fight at outrance" mentality in the cost competition.

Jingdong firepower full confrontation with the opponent

this year, the major electricity supplier giant is a life-and-death matter in a year, the Jingdong store in the past two months of silence is not idle, when other electricity providers have sounded the clarion call of the giant price war, the Jingdong in the late war mall quietly layout. Over the past two months, the Jingdong store increased POP platform for opening up, commodity category is extended, and then adjust the development strategy of Jingdong business platform, Jingdong is everything in good order and well arranged it is possible in the expansion plan, add ammunition for the next June.

in the last two days of May, the Jingdong issued a Jingdong will attack the mall "challenge to the electricity supplier industry competitors". Offensive increasingly fierce. However, in the past two months, the Jingdong mall has made new progress in cooperation in open platform and group purchase business clothing, these advances in Jingdong is the mall for the upcoming anniversary month of June preparations. In June the sales season is the Jingdong’s anniversary month, the Jingdong over the past two months of silence is to see gold in June, choose the money wisely, Jingdong will be staged in June counter attack of the war, the major electricity supplier giants need to pay close attention to.

Jingdong market position steadily on the final sprint

The latest data show that the

iResearch Jingdong mall market consolidation, the Jingdong with a market share of 50.1%, half of the country occupied the domestic self B2C market. This year, the Jingdong store in the maternal and the book market has made billions of dollars monthly sales results, in addition, the Jingdong store past the main business 3C appliances still maintain 200% growth rate. Jingdong in the business of multiple flowering, Jingdong has reached a critical point.

media reports said that in May 30th the major shareholders of Listed Companies in Hongkong to promote the listing will be the fastest possible IPO in September, the news caused widespread concern in the electricity business. It is reported that, in the promotion conference, Jingdong mall revealed Jingdong last year’s data, Jingdong IPO valuation has become a new topic in the industry. In fact, the data is there, no one guess.

marketing is known to host June counter attack

Jingdong mall in addition to products, services and other aspects to achieve an all-around player, its marketing tools have been talked about. From the "call you as pro quality fine" slogan innuendo Taobao, "FHM" placement, and then to the Jingdong.

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