Western media said hundreds of thousands of Chinese Taobao Village the villagers have shop

Western media said hundreds of thousands of Chinese Taobao Village the villagers have shop

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(original title: Western media said China emerged hundreds of Taobao Village: almost every family has a shop


Reference News Network reported on June 5th that the western media, e-commerce is the most China development and prosperity of the industry, Alibaba to build e-commerce Empire China, as hundreds of "Taobao village" in Jieyang Province, such as Guangdong Po village, almost all the villagers to open a net shop for a living.

according to EFE 30 May issue published entitled "electronic commerce" in rural Chinese gain a complete victory reports, such as the "Taobao Junpu village" is not uncommon in Chinese, but Junpu is appeared in 2013 the first batch of "Taobao village" one of the villagers, is also on the proportion of Internet commerce the survival of a village in the most, accounting for more than 70% of the residents of the village.

reported that Taobao China equivalent of eBay, the online shopping website changes such as the military Po Tsuen Rural People’s life. Today, the village almost every household has a Taobao shop, they as a sign to the IP address, and does not need to set the window, because all the shops are wholesale sales, packed in plastic packaging of goods ready to send.

Junpu 500 households, the total population of 2800 people, has 350 households, about 2000 people into online sales activities, packaging and distribution have to rely on their own to complete. In order with the times, this is a huge work, almost no time to sleep.

"we work through the night in double eleven." In Pu village Li Bo (sound) on the side with jeans bags village walk, told reporters.

in the Po village, many villagers have abandoned the traditional work of pigs or tea, in the tide of e-commerce. Because the logistics facilities, here also attracted people from all over the country stampede in.

Alibaba also through the villagers or outsiders to open free sales training courses to further promote the development of the "Taobao village".

reported that Junpu is actually from Guangdong city to the young people to drive. Those who do not want to be left behind in the booming Internet business in the beginning of the young people do not know when they lead a trend, led the country emerged more than and 200 "Taobao village".

they want to stay away from the depressing life of the big city of Guangdong, save the cost, and then come to the countryside." Li Bo said.

reported that some young people in rural areas also want to join the industry, start their own e-commerce company. For example, Xu Ruibin, a 18 year old who runs an Internet marketing company, last year’s sales reached $12 million.

"now in rural areas has been greatly improved, before the rural to see what people are now particularly lively, especially in the afternoon 3 points to 4 points." Xiao Xu told reporters. It’s time for express delivery

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