La Mer settled Tmall high end luxury net becoming more interested

La Mer settled Tmall high end luxury net becoming more interested

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after the luxury brand Chanel net, price thousands of yuan of luxury skin care products also followed. Estee Lauder group’s high-end skin care brand La Mer officially settled in Tmall mall today.

Beijing Daily reporter yesterday in the Tmall store to see, LA MER La Mer official flagship store has been on the line, and has been ahead of the opening of the first pre-sale channels, set a variety of skin care products and thousands of dollars are pre-sale. Among them, 1050 yuan of pre-sale classic travel packages on the page shows the monthly turnover of 238 pens, the legendary price of $2850 monthly sales of the cream shows that the value of up to $9750 of the cream, eye cream and the essence of the display of the monthly sales of 12 pens. This is not the Estee Lauder group for the first time in the domestic authorized online shopping platform, as early as last May, under the name of the Estee Lauder brand has settled Tmall mall, and had a record sales 7 million yuan of new record. Such as the eye essence of the page 15ml display monthly sales of more than 2000 pen, a total of more than 7 thousand and 600 post sales evaluation.

analysis indicates that the high price of luxury brands landing online shopping platform may freeze, so Burberry before Tmall’s flagship store, only a handful of sales, but the relative luxury skin care category bag or clothing and other products, use and replacement frequency is more frequent, the target group can be described as required. In the premise of ensuring the product quality of genuine, consumers will be willing to try online purchase.

La Mer

although the price is high, but in the online shopping platform has been very common in purchasing. The Beijing Daily reporter on page of La Mer search, in addition to home 5 products link from today officially launched LA MER La Mer official flagship store, leaving about 100 pages of many of the same brand in the sale of products, some products for overseas purchasing, the price is hundreds of thousands. One of them, "Your Baby Flower" Beijing shop, a purchase price of 1140 yuan 15ml cream shows there are 129 payment of the purchase, up to 4228 of popularity. These purchasing price of goods than La Mer’s official domestic price of about 30%-40%.


Estee Lauder group released two quarter earnings, an increase of 1%, net profit declined slightly. But the report specifically mentioned, when the season in China market is quite good, especially in the field of electronic commerce, Estee Lauder, Clinique and other leading brand sales. Analysts said that this is also an important driving force to promote the brand more electricity supplier landing.

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