Handle network fails to buy the site listed on schedule

Handle network fails to buy the site listed on schedule

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editor’s note: after sale is not guaranteed, the lack of industry norms, the development prospects are unknown, a large number of small and medium electricity supplier website has died or is dying. Among them, the group purchase website also seems like a raging fire has entered the winter with the weather. If winter comes, can spring be far behind? Group purchase website "left" the king’s prediction will come true next fall? Who will? Beijing IT channel special provision of "observation" group purchase ecological series tracking reports, group purchase group purchase is stripped of chaos, reduction.

Beijing, November 15, (IT channel Zuo Shengdan) a lot of people to handle network (micro-blog) for IPO as a signal to save the group purchase industry however, handle network failed to the original plan No. 14 listed listed as scheduled, the Chinese group purchase industry or will have a significant impact, makes money a lot of pressure of the group purchase website one disaster after another. Buy the future direction of the industry is more like a puzzle.

it is understood that after the success of the Nasdaq market in the United States handle network group purchase website Groupon, to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) submitted IPO application documents, however, Groupon successfully listed in the spring, and not to handle network bring good luck.

analysis shows that the main reason is unable to handle network listed because of financial problems, shake handshandle net loss in the first half reached 391 million yuan, 6.8 times over the same period of net income to net cash in hand, so the speed of the flow even can not hold a year, because in addition to handle network did after exposure of many false data, the need to clarify some controversial aspects of accounting. Insiders also revealed that before the handle network and Goldman Sachs, Merrill Lynch and two investment banks have deep contact, but the two investment banks because it can not guarantee the success of the issue and give up underwriting.

is also the capital market downturn is currently lashou crashed out of the IPO one of the reasons. At present, China stocks cold and not in the past, the third quarter of this year only tudou.com (micro-blog) a business in the United States IPO. Not long ago, the thunder (micro-blog) and Shanda Literature (micro-blog) also due to the bad city of both canceled the NASDAQ listing plan.

financial problems plagued by a number of buy companies

financial problems are not only a handle network, in fact, the top ten buy site all at a loss.

not long ago, has just finished the group purchase website 24 layoffs coupons, made a decision to withhold part of the salary, and grants will be issued to 24 cash voucher site value, 24 tickets, the move is in order to alleviate the financial pressure caused by merchant settlement. Corresponding to this is micro-blog, some businesses require 24 securities to repay the money, for other businesses with debt collection message.

even earlier and renren.com (micro-blog) together with the listing of the rice network (micro-blog) also could not escape the fate of a loss, according to the latest results renren.com, glutinous rice nets third quarter revenue of $1 million 700 thousand loss of $6 million 541 thousand. >

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