Network network Jia Yueting wild child wine debut show for ecological reverse speed

Network network Jia Yueting wild child wine debut show for ecological reverse speed

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April 25th, as the first dedicated R & D concept car LeSEE in Beijing auto show debut. In addition to concept car shock opening conference, an important strategic partner of Aston Martin, as the music in the music booth on display at the second generation of the car with a version of Rapide music S, won the media ultra high degree of concern.

to celebrate the music as ecological car a historic moment, LETV holdings founder, chairman and CEO Jia Yueting at the scene, and the scene music executives opened wine congratulations. The anti ecological formula again add wine products, let this ecological force was more intense and wanton! At the same time, this bottle of sparkling wine is also the media dubbed the "wild child with wine".


music as holding founder, chairman and CEO Jia Yueting visited the scene

it is understood that the Italy Department of neon sparkling wine sweet sparkling wine, is music as its ecological liquor ecological network network show LETV electricity supplier collaborative product tasting, taste fresh and charming fragrance. It is reported that, as the music to "ecological values" drive "eco product matrix" debut show. As one of the "product matrix LETV across the terminal, runs through the ecological" debut show, Wine LETV intelligent terminal and a variety of different styles of wine, including mobile phone, TV, super bike collaborative debut. Unique booth design will be integrated into a "ecological organic whole". During the show, the audience can experience a variety of music as a booth to experience the music as ecological products and services. "Wild child" with a sparkling wine, music as ecological integrity symbol of the organism, is the "panorama of life style good car, good wine, good life" experience of the entrance, let users enjoy the pleasure and enjoyment of music as ecological quality.


network network display area

in ecological Wine booth

it is understood that the ecological network of wine in this exhibition products is not only a "wild child with a sparkling wine", and "Chinese first" phenomenon of ecological IP derivatives Mi month biography "Mi official custom wine, gourmet selection from Nan’ao Shizhu" and "from South America, Wine overlord, new world the benchmark level of Chateau concha group fire rose (Naynay) Wine series". The fire rose is Chile’s largest network network and Wine group Chile exposure in "CP2C" mode to create products, is expected to become the IP Wine product "the star", while the music as ecology is "direct push PA stars behind. The fire rose series easy to drink, 9 kinds of fruity quiet clear, elegant finish juicy, soft and smooth, is the entry-level wine. In addition, network network will release the ecological stress on-line synchronization, special events, shows the pitch during the show’s ultimate product.

analysts believe that since the release of March 2016 network network "wine life ecological world" strategy, and the full depth of anti LETV has been accelerated, the show is one of only a ring.

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