Entrepreneurial experience no worst only worse

Entrepreneurial experience no worst only worse

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as the saying goes: "Felicity never turns out in pairs., Disasters pile up on one another." It is a good thing won’t happen one after another, but the bad thing will continuously happen to you. I think this sentence is used to describe the start-up period is the most appropriate, when a person to entrepreneurship will not encounter what good things, unless you are a "two generation" behind a good foundation of resources, otherwise only slowly step by step forward. And on this road that is full of thorns, you are a barefoot man. Every time you climb out of each step will be accompanied by a "how painful understanding", because no one in the business is not wrong, a decision is likely to lead to a serious loss of use. The failure of many decisions will soon mean that you are going to fail, this is an entrepreneur to face the pressure and reality. When a person decided to choose entrepreneurship, he is not enough for the imagination of the difficulties, only in the business is he will truly understand what is difficult.

for all want to rely on their own ability to business people, is in crossing a mountain, in this journey you don’t know exactly how many seats to climb this mountain, we do not know exactly how high a mountain, they will not because the process of climbing and dead beat down fall down. You only have to climb to conquer every mountain, because when you climb every mountain, you are always in the fantasy of the mountain behind is a fairyland, a land of idyllic beauty, a dream you want to reach the place. But when you climb the mountain, you find another mountain, but you have no choice but to keep climbing. This time you will have doubts about their own dreams, in the end there is a place where you dream, you will start to shake should continue to climb. You will begin to give up the idea, if you give up all the suffering will no longer exist, you will be happier than now, relaxed and free. But in your heart there is a voice that tells you that you can’t give up, give up, you will have nothing, and you will never look up again.

in fact, every business in the face of difficulties will have a different choice, the mentality will not be the same. Some of them are very brave, some are very confused, and very depressed, no matter how his mood, no matter how they choose, this is the entrepreneurs must face the problem. Shopping malls such as the battlefield in a peaceful era, commercial competition and the same cruel war. The survival of the fittest, the winner and loser or survival, dashing away from the stage, after all is lost or unable to get up after a fall. The courage to admit your failure is greater than the courage required to start a business. Because no one likes failure, and no one is not eager to succeed. In addition to this there is the ability to have the opportunity of the problem, each person in different circumstances will create different results. Here I just want to give entrepreneurs some suggestions:


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