An accurate and huge traffic platform classified information network

An accurate and huge traffic platform classified information network

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The concept of

classification information from about October was a little understanding, then gradually understand the classification of information is called the 58 city and Ganji, people network, etc. China classification information network platform, but this is really a very good platform, I easily do more classification information marketing compared to other marketing, more have the effect, more sustainable, more easily be Baidu search records, in addition to the flow of information from the classification is very accurate, and Baidu to flow quality is very good, do not high threshold for Baidu in the classified information platform, bidding cost, propaganda effect, create and optimize copy well, even to row to the first page of Baidu, I have a few pages are arranged to the first page of Baidu, this platform is the accurate flow platform is pretty good, in the top selling Products save a lot of trouble, the most important thing to sell out after all do not tired.


classified information is a very good platform, on the platform of traffic is huge, but Baidu search records soon, not many days of my title came in the first Baidu, but sometimes think this title is not the public think, to search, the current operation of several products sales very good, but this line must adhere to, this is very important, this type of marketing to fully grasp, the best way to learn is to learn from others in the classification of information platform is how to do, especially those browsing advertising a huge amount of information, I one day people online refresh time will come in more than and 100 IP, I found a few top ad traffic I buy less good ah, this effect can not, do not put advertising until maturity, different city traffic is different, in terms of the total One sentence test, the test is critical. Now for the next line transactions, can be a way to flow can guide to marketing your single page or the Taobao store, classified information products on the flow and Baidu is almost very accurate flow, specifically to see what products you sell advertising, in which city.

involves the classification of information marketing, we must develop some strategies to develop some plans, the test must grasp the amount and time. Spend 70% of the time spent on the copy of the building, the time spent in the promotion of the 30%, to enlarge the flow, classification information involves a lot of aspects, here I will focus on the detailed elaboration from the following eight aspects.

1 account information to fill out the complete, including a variety of avatar, authentication, mobile phone number can only be registered as a platform to account, Taobao can buy classified information account, but these can easily be blocked, because you don’t have the mobile phone number, need to fill in the verification code when the advertising information, I think accounts do not have much to do fine on the line, a computer with a key account and the two to do a very good platform, to achieve the ultimate

2 title of the writing, the title was written to be lively and interesting, so that you want to click on the browser to see, standing on the perspective of the viewer to think, the best way to learn is to classify the information platform

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