Network marketing strategy planning planning you have done it

Network marketing strategy planning planning you have done it

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recently heard a lot more difficult to do in the enterprise network marketing and network marketing complain, although it is not a simple thing, but Hu Sisong has been that as long as the master process right (strategy, planning, planning) can still have a. Hu Sisong today and we talk about network marketing strategy, planning, planning, there could have been three of the friends think this is one thing, but also with each other? Let’s analysis of these three points are the same.

first we look at this picture:

what is strategy?

strategy is the core of the whole event, the overall macro thinking. In order to achieve a certain goal and advance according to the possible problems in the formulation of the corresponding solutions, in the process of achieving the goals, according to the development of the situation and changes to develop new programs, or according to the situation of the development and changes to select appropriate solutions, and ultimately achieve the goal.

what is planning?

The role and value of

planning is to achieve the desired goal with the lowest input or minimum cost. The so-called "Forewarned is forearmed." refers to the planning; specifically refers to our idea, based on the established strategy on design and production planning process executable program.

what is the plan?

strategy is the dominant idea; planning is the process of making the plan. The strategy needs the macro thinking of the whole world. In the end, all of the above should be arranged properly, and the implementation of the plan is called the plan. Under the guidance of specific planning, the details of the implementation of a thing.

explains the strategy, planning, planning and the relationship between them, we from the implementation level is about three points above the scope of implementation, you can see from the chart strategy is the core strategy in the middle, this point is the whole company (a clear goal to achieve); around this core is planning the level of the executive layer, strategic policy in the company after making a thorough understanding of planning the executable program; the periphery of the plan can be understood as the specific executor (i.e., network promotion) make a plan for planning layer planning scheme, each node to achieve the effect of using a variety of tools.

so we can see that the general network marketing practitioners are exposed to the periphery of the two levels of planning, planning layer". The two level is to expand the content very much, making today is Sisong Hu first look at the network marketing plan and other related content will be introduced after writing alone.

what is network marketing planning?

here should be very clear, the network marketing planning is to achieve a specific network marketing objectives, and the strategic thinking and program planning process (from the line to the line). The specific network marketing objectives mentioned here are strategies, the company’s strategic principles

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