Confirmation of closing server LBS sign in mode failure on street side

Confirmation of closing server LBS sign in mode failure on street side

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January 22nd news, more than the original Street staff issued a message to confirm the next street server is about to close.

it is understood that the street service is about to stop, but the specific stop service time, as well as the user data accumulated over the years the street can be exported or moved to other social platforms, can not be determined.


Street staff yoyo posted a message on the street: the street in 2013, using creative advertising to obtain more than 10 million of revenue, but in early 2014, the street has ceased operations.

the next operations director Kangle said, "by yoyo in 2010: not many intelligent mobile phone to do LBS, at that time an entrepreneurial team is not the fashionable thing, 2011 NFC, 2012 O2O to the word business promotion more than a year after the line suddenly. In 2013, App users less than 5 million without any tail and SDK Banner on advertising creative solutions brand cooperation revenue exceeded 10 million. Every Jiepanger has deeply loved here, nothing good sad, we have experienced is the greatest wealth".

a lot of user feedback, in 2014, the street server repeatedly downtime and unstable situation. July 2014, the street closed the page version, the user can only log on to the street by phone App.

, according to reports, after the stop street service, the founder, CEO Liu Dawei (David) and the remaining staff will be transferred to the streets of the warm island network. The site and the street with my membership in the information technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd., the company has incubation properties, HTC chairman Wang Xue under the red flag project, by the side of the street founder Liu Dawei in September 2013 took the lead.

Street on the line in May 2010, is the earliest LBS applications, the main LBS social services, users can sign in, and enjoy the benefits of businesses, known as China’s Foursquare. But as early as the first half of 2014, Foursquare also announced to give up sign mode, to the local service transformation.

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