Snapchat new round of financing or up to 537 million valuation of 16 billion

Snapchat new round of financing or up to 537 million valuation of 16 billion

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Phoenix Technology News Beijing on May 30th news, according to Bloomberg news, informed sources said, burn after reading application Snapchat has been through the sale of common shares of $537 million 600 thousand of financing, valuation of about $16 billion.

according to "the Wall Street journal" reported that the Snapchat with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) submitted documents show that the company plans to sell $650 million of shares in the private placement form, has distributed more than $537 million 600 thousand in stock, also issued $112 million 400 thousand of stock. The document does not disclose the number of shares issued and the buyer and the seller.

Crunchbase database data, included in this financing, the total amount of financing Snapchat will exceed $1 billion 200 million. Snapchat is improving its business and preparing for the final IPO.

Snapchat CEO Ivan · (Evan Spiegel); Spiegel recently said that he had plans for IPO, but did not disclose the specific time. He also revealed that there is no willingness to accept any offer.

in March this year, the Wall Street Journal reported that Alibaba group has invested $200 million in Snapchat, the transaction was valued at $15 billion Snapchat.

reported that, with the Snapchat for Samsung Electronics, universal pictures etc. marketers sell advertising, the company has begun to revenue. (compiler / Xiao rain)

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