From the perspective of the Wuzhen window of the nternet world change and chang

From the perspective of the Wuzhen window of the nternet world change and chang

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smart Home Furnishing IOT system "into" tiles and white walls of the Jiangnan, wisdom on the road of unmanned vehicle and oars in the boat rowed "parallel" – old Jiangnan Wuzhen embrace change to warm and open attitude. The site permanently settled in 3 years, the world Internet Conference in the Jiangnan deduction and numerous projection "change" and "regular" collision.


change the technology into the eternal beauty of life

pushed the Wuzhen Xiaoxuan window, bridges and mesh texture of the International Convention and Exhibition Center complement each other. Residents Wang Jianwei has been accustomed to the old and new blend of life. At the same time, as a "Wuzhen housekeeper", environmental health, facilities failure, family disputes…… Any trifles can be solved by transfer App. "We can manage our lives better through smartphones." Wang Jianwei said.

innovation driven, the benefit of mankind, which is the world’s Internet Conference in 2016 passed a new voice. Eyes, fingers, tongue…… Each small dimension, there are changes in the technology is digging the eternal beauty of life.

Wuzhen is a land of idyllic beauty, in which it does not leave the world feeling." Visitors are not allowed to say. Wandering in the slow pace of life in the ancient town without a wallet; full coverage of the WiFi so that live everywhere. The tour due to technical change and change, but the cycle of town beauty does not fade.

transfer voice, a pair of gloves show humanity beauty, so that deaf people and the world of communication becomes fun. Translated Description: Zhejiang Technology Co., Ltd. in the light of the Internet will bring the deaf mute sign language translation gloves, the ability to track the action through the implementation of the translation of sign language.

open a jar of rice wine in the south of the Yangtze River, the taste of thousands of years of inheritance is the big yellow wine data record. Kuaijishan Shaoxing Limited by Share Ltd general manager Fu Zukang introduction, the company currently use the central control room system can accurately set brewing parameters, improve efficiency but also save the rice strain, "old prescription".

evolution of the space need to govern the normal

World Congress into the Internet for third years, the construction of the community has been the fate of the network space is one of the important message Wuzhen voice transmission. "No rules no Cheng Fangyuan", the Internet is also a "active space ship, form the governance ability is the key.

national information technology expert advisory committee, deputy inspector general and Deputy Secretary General Dan Lipo said, the global governance of the Internet should be open and inclusive. China’s Internet community advocates to give full play to the role of each platform, so that the advantages of complementary between the various platforms, cohesion."

former French Prime Minister Dominic · De Villepin also believes that the construction of the global governance of the network community, there should be a global vision of the Internet to achieve peace in the world of the internet. >

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