Buy the domain name 1360 com to create your Qihoo 360 game platform

Buy the domain name 1360 com to create your Qihoo 360 game platform

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news December 6th, according to the domain name user forum report, Qihoo 360 company recently launched four low-key digital domain launched a gaming platform, the website is still under construction, the domain name system 360 earlier low-key acquisition.

diagram: Web page

Anyone can see and the same, is only in front of a digital "1", "360 main line is the domain name brand, digital domain terminal market potential, high commercial value query understanding, the domain name information in the name of the 360 companies, the domain name registered in 1998, now has 13 years of history register earlier, the owner of the domain name system minon hold.

map: domain name information

1360 digital application wide level, the brand benefit is high, guess the domain name applications a considerable price, 360 of the company for the brand is also very seriously, has successfully won the CN domain name, domain name should be the acquisition proceeds, which shows the company, Qihoo 360 attaches great importance to the "1360" domain names, other has also been registered.

360 companies also pay more attention to the domain name, independent public platform will choose easy to remember domain name, such as "I love the company acquired earlier 360" three spell domain name upgrade pocket push message, bought double spell domain name, and enable the launch message platform, earlier had acquired the digital domain name

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