The 915 com domain name 91wan million price change homophonic highlights

The 915 com domain name 91wan million price change homophonic highlights

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renamed China May 9th news: the name ylmf digital domain name sale confirmation message, new domain buyers is in use and attention, "Chinese information channel understanding confirmed that the buyer for Guangzhou web game operators 91wan, domain name transaction amount up to one million yuan.


domain name registration information has been changed to change to the 91wan company, Guangzhou dimensional network technology Co., ltd.. It is understood that originally belonged to ylmf founder Lai Linfeng held previously 915 mobile phone website domain name, because the 915 91wan "similar, so Guangzhou dimensional dynamic network technology limited active and Lai Linfeng negotiation under the domain name, and plans to use it as the main domain name under the banner of the web game platform.

digital domain name because of its global versatility, simple and easy to remember, popular with people chasing stick. The recent domestic frequent digital domain price transactions, such as the 88 group purchase buy digital domain king, Qihoo 360’s acquisition of, spent about 1800000 yuan for overseas purchase of domain name.

the millions of dollars buying the domain name Guangzhou dimensional dynamic network science and technology limited company belongs to the domestic well-known Web game operators, web game platform for its accumulated 50 million registered users, operating under web games such as "three blood", "battle of wits", Xiuxian "war situation" and a variety of games industry a number of awards.

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