Tencent 280 million yuan acquisition of Kang Sheng follow up net loss of up to tens of millions of d

Tencent 280 million yuan acquisition of Kang Sheng follow up net loss of up to tens of millions of d

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July 12th morning news in August last year, the Tencent announced the acquisition of Comsenz move outside attention, a document was informed of the Sina technology disclosed the details of the deal: the Tencent for $43 million (about 280 million yuan) to buy 100% stake in Comsenz, as of December 31st last year, Kang Sheng business net loss reached 11 million 120 thousand yuan.

according to the above documents, the Tencent signed an agreement last September 20th acquisition of Comsenz Inc Comsenz (Cayman Islands Company) 100% equity, at a cost of $43 million.

Comsenz through its wholly foreign-owned enterprises in China, through a number of contractual arrangements to control the establishment of an operating company in China (collectively referred to as Kang Sheng), Kang Sheng for China’s Internet community software and service providers.

in addition, according to the acquisition agreement, Tencent is committed to the acquisition within a year, the key employees of the Kang Sheng to pay the equivalent of 2 million U.S. dollars Tencent Inc award shares.

these documents also show that since the date of acquisition until December 31, 2010, Kang Sheng Tencent to bring income of 4 million 750 thousand yuan, while the net loss of $11 million 120 thousand, and there is still a greater distance to achieve profitability.

Last September

Tencent announced the acquisition of Kang Sheng, Comsenz announced that, including Dai Zhikang, Comsenz founder and management team and all staff will continue to remain in the original post. And Kang Sheng ongoing QQ account and community account interoperability feasibility study.

Tencent CEO Ma Huateng in May this year, Kang Sheng general meeting on behalf of the board, said Kang Sheng as a relatively independent company to continue to develop, Kang event to maintain its open spirit. He also revealed that Tencent will also invest in the future through Kang sheng.

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