Listia unused goods processing network using integral auction mode

Listia unused goods processing network using integral auction mode

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Beijing on February 2nd news, according to foreign media reports, many people will encounter such a problem: there are some idle items need to be processed, but there is no place to deal with them. In order to solve this problem, people will go to the Craiglist advertisement, or to find a large bin, or turn to pick-up service, but the effect of these methods is not ideal, most of the time people left.

but Y Combinator and Anderson · (Andreessen-Horowitz) funded start-up Listia may help you. Listia users can give something away for free on their website. Although it sounds like another company that makes Craigslist Web 2, Listia uses a different approach.


Listia home page

Listia is not for you to list items for others to choose free, and the auction model. When you sign up for Listia, you get some free points, and then you can use these points to bid for the items you want. When bidding points will usually increase, it is impossible to decline, because the bidder’s cost is zero. And 60% of the credits will be allocated to charities that use the site.


Listia Android version of the application (Tencent technology plan)

yesterday, Listia co-founder Gee Chaung gives an interesting indicator in the status about the business: they registered users has exceeded 1 million people, these users from more than 3 thousand city. In addition, they also launched their own Android applications, which will help expand the user base of the service. In terms of revenue, Listia last year’s revenue grew by 500%, which is due to the existence of a high degree of interaction between the user and the site: in general, the user in the Listia each stay for more than an hour.

these growth indicators show that people not only have the desire to give something away to others, but they also do not want to use Craigslist and Want Ads like the kind of outdated advertising model.

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