‘m very vulgar but it’s not my fault

‘m very vulgar but it’s not my fault

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      some time ago to do a station, station name is * * *, the content and the stationmaster net almost, stationmaster net a few more than before by the column, a Baidu K station, then the station did not dare to go to the Baidu link, but in other ways on the surface and I also spent a lot of energy, almost a month later, today, I yell in the group: I want to give up, I do not, I want to do dumpster, not too many reasons, list a few:

      1 as a professional station, see who is also relatively more professional web pages, naturally do not be too bad, what the layout is not too messy, should be clear to this website, I spent a lot of time to modify the template, sorting column plates, modify CSS style, etc.

      2 is because professional station, if you put some ads, looks vulgar, with the website is not coordinated, at least not content collocation, do GG, who can not see ah? People are not interested in, even see, also want to take after you remove the ID in open. (at least I do!).N days. The average commission scanty thousands of talent points, estimation is not intentional, I flow is less, should not be too high, but the probability is really inferiority.

      3 day group link, for Links, they first ask you PR? Baidugg included? Ranked? A is not easy to tell me that the link, found his station more than I failed.

      4 work 8 hours a day, eat a meal to go online, work post, to find material, find news, is not easy to find a good think, Baidu yisou overwhelming, the original is unlikely, acquisition, not the quality, but not too much love, find people you download material. To modify, leave your links, one night down to send a few articles, but also consume half a packet of cigarettes.

      5 and later see the traffic statistics that article ranking the first, 36 IP, and half of my group of friends to see, a good mood when found a good article, then immediately reproduced, after sent to Baidu, in the later staring at 51la sometimes feel refreshed. Want to let others, send a IP,

is really difficult!

      6 later found no website features, stationmaster net webmaster online, I have, but the people would like to see Admin5 is not to see me. My website is also a lot of material, but no one to download. My site has a tutorial, but no one wants to learn.

      the 7 day.

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