Frustrated in the venture capital buy site have sought profit

Frustrated in the venture capital buy site have sought profit

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rely on the rapid expansion of venture capital, enclosure buy site, in the short listed hopeless, not through their own hematopoietic function to achieve profitability. In the case of severe burn profitability difficult, is no longer the wind darling " ".

, however, the funds broken, integrity crisis, customer loyalty and other issues, exacerbated the survival environment of the group buying site. In the absence of the risk of financial support, the network can only reduce the cost of human resources, marketing costs, by raising the gross margin of goods or innovative business model, seeking profit and survival.

venture capital tightening

research center data show that at the beginning of 2010 to the end of 2011, the disclosure of investment events in the industry for 31 cases, the total amount of public disclosure of investment of $497 million. Since November 2011, the last year of 24 coupons to buy the network to get ten million investment in the first half of 2012, there is no public venture capital to enter, as of now, the entire industry public disclosure of venture capital is only $60 million.

to save food, to shrink as soon as possible, to adjust as soon as possible, which is to say at the end of the investors with the most words." 24 coupons general manager Du Yinan said. In fact, as early as the end of last year, 24 coupons began rapid tightening as the earliest, the earliest and fastest contraction up adjustment of enterprises in the industry, and has a fine operation, stop the pursuit, this year is expected to achieve profitability.

"group purchase business this year in the downhill, venture capital to take more risks," said Analysys International analyst Chen Shou send. Not surprisingly, it is difficult to get more financing to buy the industry. At present, the new focus of the industry is not much to buy, in the face of huge losses to buy site, venture capitalists have been reluctant to continue to invest capital.

gold absorption decreased


team web site statistics show that the first half of this year the average group purchase turnover of 14 thousand yuan, compared with the same period last year, a single product group purchase "pricing power" fell more than half. Buy passengers 973 people from last year each group purchase of the rapid decline of 2/3. Consumers to buy the passion gradually receded.

consumers become more rational and mature, the requirements of the group is also getting higher and higher, it is difficult to attract a large number of low popularity, service is more important." 24. General manager Du Yinan pointed out that the face of the consumer businesses also become calm, rational, at present, only about 20% of the businesses to participate in group purchase, because of various reasons more than 80% businesses, have never tried group purchase mode, businessmen and consumers are in a period of hard choices.

industry insiders said that at present, the whole group to buy the market’s ability to absorb gold and day are down, many buy site gross margin is very low, and businesses are divided into less than 10%. Since 2012, the market has become increasingly depressed, whether it is from the scale or profit, are not really able to usher in the momentum of sustained growth in the scale, buy site >

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