Daily topics the layout of the nternet financial tuniu com approved fund sales license

Daily topics the layout of the nternet financial tuniu com approved fund sales license

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A5 (www.admin5.com) station network September 28th news, recently announced that it has approved tuniu foreign fund sales license, becoming the first to have the fund sales qualification of the online travel company, to enter the field of fund sales.

general manager of tuniu.com finance division Chen Jie introduction, "customer service platform for fund products in the way cattle in addition to gold, and can obtain the same general fund revenue and asset value, the user selects the way cattle travel, the assets of the fund can also serve as outbound tourist deposit, as proof of assets when the visa."

"as a whole category of financial platform, the user can according to their own situation and preferences of financial capital, service platform in any way cattle gold fund selection products or regular banking, financial products and tourism. Relying on rich platform products at present, the way cattle can stop to meet the needs of users of different asset allocation." Chen Jie said.

at the end of 2014 tuniu launched the current financial products, the way cattle treasure, the first step of financial services; the two quarter of 2015, they have launched financial products regularly, can cattle month win appointment, finance, popular. Monthly turnover in May tuniu financial products hundred million yuan; August 13th tuniu financial products one-day break twenty million yuan turnover; as of September 18th, only nine months of trading volume has broken 1 billion yuan.

at the same time, tuniu announced the upgrade of the original system of integration, launched the universal super integral cross financial business and tourism. Customers in the way cattle whether to buy financial products or buy tourism products, will get the super super integral; integral can in the future of tourism, finance, foreign exchange payment amount Wi-Fi consumption corresponding to buy more, earn more.

itself is a blend of tourism and financial business, the equivalent of the service flow, which is linked with the capital, "Analysys International analyst Zhu Zhengyu pointed out that the way cattle have been formed in the provider of financial services chain, but users of the financial chain is relatively weak.

online travel industry increasingly emerging Internet financial trends. At present, in addition to the way cattle, Ctrip has launched the "Ctrip treasure," Cheng Bao up two models with the financial characteristics of the prepaid products; I am interested in travel also announced a partnership with Jingdong launched the IOUs, outbound payment service customization. Earlier there was news that the U.S. group is also secretly layout of Internet banking business. In fact, now many Internet companies to enter the Internet banking is still stuck in the layout or concept, there is a distance from the scale.

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