Daily topic DELL accept bitcoin bitcoin bitcoin boom is to return

Daily topic DELL accept bitcoin bitcoin bitcoin boom is to return

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A5 webmaster network (www.admin5.com) July 21st news, to see the recent news about bitcoin seems to be a big trend in the return of bitcoin


according to foreign media reports, DELL recently announced that all of its products on the site (including the Alienware series laptop) has begun to accept bitcoin payment. The company said it would first of all to the United States consumers and small business consumers to try to provide this service, if the test is successful, the service will be extended to the international market.

In addition to DELL

search in the previous Google also began to support bitcoin price conversion function. Users can use the Google conversion price, if your phone is equipped with Google search applications, as long as the input "500 dollars to be able to change how many bitcoins", it will tell you the answer. Apple had previously compared to the application of the Store developer to update the AppStore policy, allowing bitcoin wallet applications stationed in App, and allows users to purchase the application within the bitcoin.

2013, bitcoin currency has soared from $1147 to $12, and later under the pressure of regulators fell all the way. Since then slowly picked up to June 26th, the price is $more than and 600. But China also kept the same with the international price changes, the end of November last year, the price of bitcoin was close to 7000 yuan. In April this year, bitcoin prices as low as 2000 yuan, and then a new round of rise and fall, the current price of more than 3600 yuan.

bitcoin investors, sometimes referred to as "bitcoin Jesus" Roger · (Roger Ver), said: "recently, more and more people realize that bitcoin is to change the world, we will see the price rising, until each bitcoin worth at least tens of thousands of dollars. I think the day will come sooner than we expected."

according to CoinDesk statistics, currently there are about 60 thousand businesses around the world to accept bitcoin, is expected by the end of 2014, there will be 7 million 300 thousand bitcoin wallet. At this stage, the United States accounted for 60% of the total investment in the field of bitcoin, followed by Asia ranks behind the second. But in the world, bitcoin regulation has never been relaxed. At present, the vast majority of countries in the world, do not recognize bitcoin is a currency, the vast majority of them recognize that it is a virtual asset.

associate professor of economics at Renmin University of China, Cheng Hua believes that the real world demand for money is diverse, rather than a single. Bitcoin and other similar currency is generated from the bottom of the market, is fit people’s needs in reality, with the value of existence. Of course, all of the credit currency has its own unique risks, how to establish a common sense of trust in the real world, will be a key issue in the future of bitcoin."

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