Mobile phone loss of the experiment triggered Alipay security dispute

Mobile phone loss of the experiment triggered Alipay security dispute

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Beijing News (reporter Liu Xia) the day before, on the "mobile phone lost Alipay." the net posts triggered widespread concern. Simulation of mobile phone is lost after the scene the post, said the account stolen Alipay check code anyone could have received the mobile phone. This Alipay official rumor, and said the post simulated "stolen" process is invalid.

"a verification code can not find the password"

With the

mobile phone on the convenience of payment, Alipay, WeChat Sina micro-blog to pay more, and more versatile, mobile phone payment has become popular. But users are worried about the safety of mobile payment began to increase.

recently, micro-blog and WeChat on a Alipay associated with a bank card, if the mobile phone is lost what happens "Thriller experiment triggering hot. This is the network said, "picked up another mobile phone, anyone can only retrieve the password by way of crack Alipay login and password to pay, in order to steal money".

is part of the user according to the guidelines for their post simulation after the loss of mobile phone to retrieve the password, can be found in the success of "hacking". However, there are users said after the test, the net posts said the method is not feasible". What’s going on here,


January 19th, the Alibaba of small and micro financial services group chief risk officer Hu Xiaoming through the official Alipay micro-blog official responded that the rumor. "The user according to the post simulation success, that is because the user is in their own computer simulation their" true stolen ‘, while Alipay’s risk control systems have been identified to this point." Hu Xiaoming said.

"if someone picked up your mobile phone, Alipay to retrieve your password on another computer, he will need to check" a higher level of security check code + mobile phone ID information ", absolutely impossible only by a checksum on the mobile phone to retrieve your password." He said.

Hu Xiaoming also said that Alipay will require different security check for different levels of risk operation.

balance treasure also stored stolen risk

Alipay wallet

currently has over 100 million users, and related to the balance of treasure, users worry, mobile phone loss also means that the balance of treasure will face the risk of.

as of January 15, 2014, the balance of treasure scale has more than 250 billion yuan, the number of customers more than 49 million households. When the balance of treasure scale rapid expansion, the Alipay account security issues are more and more attention to the user.

, for example, if Alipay mobile phone users with Alipay wallet is lost, the first line of defense is the gesture password. If the user does not set gesture password, the thief must verify the authentication process, such as identity information. If the ID card information is that the user of the thief, Alipay and Baoan have all threatened the balance.

October 2013, Ali Yuan Leiming, general manager of small and micro finance division of the new Beijing

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